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EduCare Taiwan is the only and the largest Education platform for promoting Taiwanese Universities in India since 2019. In our webinar we provide Consistent, Accurate and Up-to-date information about Taiwan Universities in India. Our Webinar provides “Correct”, “Useful” and “Most Recent” information regarding Taiwan’s higher education. The mission of EduCare Taiwan is to establish a link between Taiwanese universities and Indian students.


EduCare Taiwan is determined to be an important bridge between Taiwanese and Indian universities / students. In our consultation service, we provide unbiased and career oriented advice to help students to achieve their goals on selecting university and major. We consider student’s limited timeline and their budget to help them maximizing their potential.

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Meet Our Founder

Hi, my name is Huilin Chen, Indian people call me Lin! I am a native Taiwanese, married to an Indian. I have been a search consultant for 12 years in the semiconductor industry recruiting CEO’s and engineers. I had my undergraduate in Japan, learned my German in Germany and completed my MBA in the USA. I have lived in many countries: Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, the USA, India (Mumbai, Gurgaon), and Dubai. I am married to an Indian from Haryana, and I have 2 kids currently studying in India. The Journey 2017 was the first time I came to know that consultants charge Universities abroad a hefty commission fee for sending Indian students. I was shocked, this not only proved that most consultants were biased to Universities who would pay them but also did not care about the future of Indian students. I realised that I needed to make a difference. Indian students need consultants that are honest, unbiased and truly care about the student’s future. This led me to start EduCare Taiwan. Starting EduCare Taiwan With only an idea, I started EduCare Taiwan in 2018. I slowly learned the ropes of being a consultant. There were times when things got tough but me and my team were able to grab the upcoming webinar boom from May of 2020. Till now August 2021, we have organized more than 105+ webinars and have more than 26000+ Active students participating.

Huilin Chen (Lin) Founder & CEO

    EduCare Taiwan

    Our Journey

    In 2018, I had the opportunity to meet a group of Taiwanese professors coming to Mumbai to promote Taiwan’s higher education to Indian students, but there were not many Indian students interested in Taiwan due to a lack of adequate information. I think this is an unfortunate thing that Indian students miss out on a high chance to “ Study for Free” in Taiwan, because of the various programs and resources/scholarships available in Taiwan.

    Then I decided to set up EduCare Taiwan!

    To increase awareness of the benefits of studying in Taiwan and provide correct and “student-oriented” consultation.

    I found that the majority of overseas consultants in India do not charge students, but they receive the commission payback from the student’s tuition fee from the university to which they introduced the students to. So the overseas consultants are not working for students to find the best fit courses to study, but to guide the students to those universities which pay them the commission!

    In the spring of 2019, I found EduCare Taiwan. I thought EduCare Taiwan can fly high because :

    • The high quality education that Taiwanese universities provide – Top 5 Taiwan universities have better world QS rankings than Top IITs,
    • The affordable cost- tuition + living cost a year = 6 lacs without any scholarship. However, more than 50% of the students will receive different kinds of tuition waivers and scholarships. For a student with a GPA of 8 and good supporting documents, the family only needs to prepare 4 lac for him/ her to complete his/ her post-graduation or Ph.D. ( or even both combined). This is an even cheaper cost than studying in India.

    EduCare Team

    Meet Our Team

    Huilin Chen (Lin)

    Founder & CEO

    Priya Gupta

    Education Expert

    Ronak Vaishnav

    Social Media Marketer

    Reema Louis

    Relationship Manager

    Susrita Sarkar

    Social Media Marketer

    Firdous Khan

    Relationship Manager

    Megha Maheshwari

    Relationship Manager

    Educare Taiwan is the pioneer and the largest Education platform which provides consistent, updated and correct information about Taiwan universities in India from 2019. EduCare Taiwan is here to level up India 0.001 Inch!


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