Study Abroad in Taiwan Under 5 Lakhs

Study Abroad in Taiwan Under 5 Lakhs

Why do so many Indian students go abroad to pursue their higher studies? Because studying abroad is altogether a unique experience.

Studying the course of one’s choice is just one aspect of this experience. But when you opt for overseas education, it opens your mind and broadens your perspective. It helps you to navigate in this world full of contrasts and yet enjoy your journey. Interacting with people from distinct cultures & ethnicity is truly an enriching experience. It enables you to take risks and face challenges by pushing you out of your comfort zone.

But, Studying abroad comes with its challenges.
The biggest challenge is to decide whether the experience will be worth the apprehensions in terms of job opportunities & overall career growth in this competitive world. Another big problem is arranging for the required funds, which can be a big hurdle for one’s study abroad dreams. Your study abroad plan could be expensive because of several reasons – low academic score resulting in no scholarship, low family income, highly competitive field of study, expensive tuition fees, lack of scholarships/funds for international students, strict student policy and visa, etc.

However, studying abroad is no longer that expensive anymore. You can get admission to top-ranked, internationally recognized universities. Taiwan is one such country offering an inexpensive and enriching study abroad experience.

Why Study in Taiwan?
A small and beautiful island country located close to Hong Kong and China, Taiwan. It is home to some top-ranked universities that offer high-quality education in under 5 lakhs (INR). To your surprise, there are many Taiwanese universities that are higher in QS ranking than the IITs and IIMs of India (check out their QS 2020 ranking rankings here:

Taiwan is one of the safest countries globally with a per capita GDP that is 12.5 times greater than that of India. It is the world’s 22nd, most flourishing country and has many merits to its credit. It ranks 2nd globally in the Semiconductor Industry; for example, the phone you are using to view this blog has many parts made in Taiwan. Taiwan Government & Universities offers many scholarships, encouraging meritorious international students to study in Taiwan. Students can avail up to 100% scholarships or tuition fee waivers! Taiwan Universities have a lot of courses to offer in Master’s and Ph.D. level programs in English!

Affordable Cost of Living
The cost of study in Taiwan is a maximum of $4000 (INR ~300,000) per year. Besides your miscellaneous expenses, your annual study and living cost will most likely not exceed INR 700,000 per year. Students can legally work up to 22 hours a week and earn at least $5 an hour to support their living expenses. Taiwanese universities offer amazing internships and assistantships to international students (depending on the program selected). It helps Indian students secure many better-paying jobs than taking up blue-collar worker jobs. Feels too good to be real, right?

A master’s program in any decent college or university in India might cost more than what it costs in Taiwan.
When you can get global exposure in a top-ranked university, with affordable tuition fees & scholarships with splendid future job opportunities in Taiwan, why think of other western countries & soak yourselves in loans? A student with 3 or more GPA out of 4 with a decent TOEFL score (at least 61 on 120) is eligible to apply to any Taiwanese university. Gone are the days when parents had to cough up tons of money to sponsor their children’s education abroad.

Mr. Ravi – a Ph.D. student pursuing mechanical engineering at Yuan-Ze University, says, “Taiwan is the best place to study! I had to pay for my first semester in college, but since my first semester scores were excellent, my tuition fee waived off for my second semester. The college also teaches Mandarin, which is compulsory for all international students. I always wanted to learn a new language as it offers a better advantage in the job market. Most importantly, my professors are accommodating and provide thorough guidance. The people here are amicable, genuine, and live up to their word always. I am truly enjoying my stay in Taiwan.”

So, why not move one step closer to your dream of studying abroad & becoming financially independent? With an opportunity to study abroad under 5 lakhs, you can readily do yourself a favor and ease the financial burden of your higher education.

Explore Taiwan with us to know more and give yourself a chance for an enthralling experience of a lifetime!

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