Why US, UK are Outdated Study Abroad Destinations?

Outdated Study Abroad Destinations: US, UK & Canada

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you think about studying abroad?– The lavish western lifestyle & fantastic job opportunities. Mostly this perception comes from the so-called past trend that many students still believe. But given the conditions now, the protectionism followed by many western countries, do you still believe in the “American dream”? With all the new policies & saturation of immigrants in some countries like the US, UK – people are moving to different geographical options. Most of the students are looking for fresh options for studying abroad. Apparently, western countries like the US, the UK are seen as an outdated study abroad destination. Let’s see, why?

People still feel that if you have the talent and willingness to work hard, breaking the social ceiling and moving to higher status is easy.

Well, it worked for a few people, but does it still stand true?
For example, the British media pointed out that in the new cabinet of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, over 60% of the members graduated from expensive private schools. This highlights that most people from the noble class stand a better chance to enter the highest authority in the UK. Many international students applying for higher studies abroad are not aware of this strong social superstructure. It is not a piece of great news for people with fewer resources – like the economically poor, recent immigrants, and international students going to these countries to pursue their dreams.

Most people think Meritocracy solves this inequality problem. It refers to the ability to select talent. This sounds like a fair mechanism where everything depends on strength & not on relationships. But on the contrary, Meritocracy has deepened social disparities. Take the Ivy League University in the United States, for example. The observation is that their admission system relies on “nepotism”. These schools are considered to be more accessible to children of alumni or high-status families.

Strict Admission Screening Process
There are some universities, like Yale, have accepted a unique admission system to improve the school’s competitiveness and diversity. Since 1960, the president of Yale University introduced a merit-based admission policy that gives admission based on students’ expertise. Till today, this system is in place. If you want to apply to an American university, the admission officer will check your grades. Along with this, they screen your application for example leadership qualities, volunteering for a social cause, so on. And this race is getting more and fiercer – like Yale has an acceptance rate of only 7%. These stricter admission screening process with higher competition has led to lower acceptance rate in Top Universities.

It may come as a surprise for many, but the university admission biases have not yet resolved. Even with all these changes in admission processes, statistic shows that for American families with an annual income of over 200,000 US dollars, their children’s achievements in the US college entrance examination are about 250 points higher than those of parents whose annual income is between 40,000 and 60,000 US dollars. The US college entrance examination’s total score is 2400, which is equivalent to 10% higher.

Higher Application & Admission Fees
The reason for this result is the rich can invest more in the educational resources in their children. For example, a wealthy family can afford to hire expensive consultants to prepare for their children for the college entrance examination. So, even though there is a so-called level-playing field, there is a cut-throat competition created by this on-score admission system, where people with resources are bound to win.

For most students who want to study abroad or in top universities abroad, it is not that easy. Studying abroad and that too in an expensive foreign country continues to attract many students, but at what cost? Many Indian parents and students still have the mentality of the 1970s American Dream. They hope to achieve a higher height in their career by studying abroad. Students opt for this alternative as they see a lot of their friends & relatives going abroad. They feel that studying abroad guarantees them a lavish lifestyle & a steady, rich career. This decision leaves many of them with hefty loans on their backs. They do not realize that the direction of the time river has changed.

In conclusion, the strict admission process, higher admission & application fees, and the expensive standard of living followed with not so stable job opportunities – is what makes the US, UK outdated study abroad destinations in the eyes of a lot of smart students.

Is there any alternative to fulfilling our study abroad dream affordably, with a promising bright future?

Well, YES!

With all these factors mentioned above, people are shifting their focus from the outdated western study abroad destinations to better & affordable study abroad options.

TAIWAN is a small & beautiful island country known for its affordable quality education & excellent living standards. I urge you to explore more about this new option of Study in Taiwan. Taiwanese Government & Universities offer scholarships, helping you to complete your higher education in Taiwan even for free. You can also gain knowledge about up-to-date technologies. Besides, if you can master your Chinese language, it increases your chances of bagging a higher salary.

Unlike most other study-abroad destinations, the culture of Taiwan is closer to that of India & also the natives are friendly with Indians. Also, the tuition fees are lower than other countries & by taking up part-time jobs/ scholarships/ internships you can easily be financially independent in Taiwan. The post-education opportunities in Taiwan are humongous. Making it super-easy for you as a student to recover your education expense in a maximum of 2 years by working in Taiwan. The starting salary of students after a Master’s degree is about Rs. 1.2 lacs/ month & for PhD. is about Rs. 1.4 lacs/ month. Taiwan is a prime location for various researches in hi-technology fields & sciences, it is tempting many students to study in Taiwan, making it one of the most desirable study-abroad destinations for students.

So the choice is up to you, to follow blindly other people & go to these outdated study abroad destinations or to choose a better & affordable option. This choice will genuinely make some functional changes in your career and life.

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