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Benefits for Taiwanese Universities

What We Do in Our Webinar

We invite Taiwanese Universities and Professors to share about School Admission Application Timeline, Internships, Scholarship opportunities and Latest Research by Professors. EduCare Taiwan Team connect Indian Universities and colleges from Top NIRF Ranking, NAAC A++ institutes. Furthermore, According to the guest speaker’s research topics, the EduCare Taiwan team only reaches out relevant Department heads in those universities and encourage them to share with their Faculties and Students. Therefore in all of our webinars, Taiwanese Universities can expect high quality and major relevant audiences.

Since Feb. 2022,we have set up our goal of 1500+ students signing up and 500+ participants in each of our webinars.

Taiwan is less known in India and only few students and their families consider Taiwan as a potential overseas destination. As we are already conducting webinars Thrice a month and getting 1500 students to sign up, So in any event to promote Taiwanese Universities, we are confident that only EduCare Taiwan can achieve it

Benefits of our Webinar Platform

  • Taiwanese Universities can reach out high quality Indian students from Top 500 colleges of India
  • Cost efficiently and Time efficiently can reach out good students
  • Live interaction with Indian students in the session and address their queries on higher studies in Taiwan

Benefits For Indian Students

What we Do in Our Webinar

With the widespread convenience of the internet, if everyone has a question, we can ask it from “Google”. However, not all of the information is correct or updated. To decide where to go and which country to choose for your higher education is very important.  Rather than only rely on “Google”, one should find more reliable and updated information to make the right decision which will affect lifetime.
EduCare Taiwan webinars are the best place to know about the updated information on studying in Taiwanese universities and information about Admissions, Scholarships and Internships.

Not only our webinars are updated and informative, but also the best part of our webinars is FREE for all the participating students!


Who Can Join the Webinar

EduCare Taiwan’s webinar are for those students:

  • Who are confused about their career path

  • Who do not know which country to go for their higher education

  • Whose parents have less than 5 lac INR to support their higher education

  • Who do not know which major they should choose for their further education

Benefits of Joining our Webinar

EduCare Taiwan's Webinars are FREE and Informative with Real time Interaction with the Professors.

Upcoming Webinars​

Innovations in Solar Cell Technologies, Flexible Substrate Devices & Computing for VR & Graphics

1st Dec, 2023

05:00 PM IST 

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Educare Taiwan is the pioneer and the largest Education platform which provides consistent, updated and correct information about Taiwan universities in India from 2019. EduCare Taiwan is here to level up India 0.001 Inch!

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