Do you feel that those who studied in the highest-ranking University are doing better in their careers? If yes, then where & how do you find a good university to secure your future?

When it comes to higher studies, more & more students are opting for studying abroad to get global exposure. Students have now realized that studying abroad doesn’t have to be expensive. Moreover, with a study-abroad destination like Taiwan, it is even easier to study abroad. But the question still arises, how can one choose the Right University to study in Taiwan?

The most sought factor considered while choosing a University is its ranking, But…

How important is the school ranking while choosing the Right University to Study in Taiwan?

For Universities in the US, the most acceptable QS ranking might not be the most desirable measure. Say, if you are an engineer & want to focus on research then the California Institute of Technology might be a better choice than Harvard. Most of the people might not be familiar with Dartmouth College, but it is a Private Ivy League Research University in the US. This college has an excellent reputation for its non-engineering subjects & great faculty. Many of the US Finance Ministers are from this college.

However, in Asia, the world ranking still matters a lot. Usually, the better ranking schools have more research budgets granted by the Government. In addition, this considerable research budget attracts excellent faculty, which in-turn helps in having more quality industry connections/ co-operations, leading to better employment options.

There are some differences in the QS Ranking & the Local Ranking when discussing the Universities in Taiwan.

How should the students decide then?

While planning for studying in Taiwan, we suggest you check the QS ranking, followed by Local Ranking. WHY? Because, if you plan to work or study further in Taiwan, then studying in a Good Local Ranking College gives you more edge.

But what if you do not get admission into these top 10 universities, what are the other options? We get to see that many Universities are overlapping in the above list.

Taiwan has 112 universities, and 47 of them are National Universities. As the International Student intake is improving, most of the Taiwanese Universities provide English courses for Masters and Ph.D. In Taiwan, National Universities are preferred. Firstly, because these National Universities receive more funds from the Government in the Research field than Private Universities. Eventually, making these Universities more research-oriented, attracting more corporate tie-ups. Thus the faculty & alumni base of the National Universities is strong.

But what if you don’t receive admission in these top universities? Then always remember you can follow this rule –

National Comprehensive Universities ≥ National Tech Universities ≥ Private Universities
Taiwan is famous for its high technology like AI, semiconductor, industrial machinery, automation & manufacturing. Especially for an Engineering Major, we strongly recommend you study at the National Technology Universities. You not only gain knowledge of high-end technologies but also get ample opportunities to work on various Live Projects with Tech Companies.

Post-Corona pandemic, the global supply chain will be shorter – there will be more demand for the local market. With these global changes, the Make in India Campaign will speed up. Therefore, we recommend Indian students to study in these Technology Universities to have a better job prospect.

Here is the list of Top Technology Universities:

University Name

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National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

National Taipei University of Technology

National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology

National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (Yun Tech)

National Pingtung University of Science and Technology

Ming-Chi University of Technology

Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology

HungGuang University

Chaoyang University of Technology

Cheng Shiu University

YES! It is possible.

Taiwanese Government & Universities are encouraging international students to study in Taiwan. It provides scholarships & tuition fee waivers to meritorious students. You can complete your master’s degree under less than Rs.10 lacs with a payback period of 2 years by working in Taiwan! Some meritorious students can also complete their higher studies for free of cost in Taiwan. Therefore, look for Universities that offer scholarships & check their eligibility criteria for scholarships.

Location of the University
Location is another important parameter to consider while studying in Taiwan. The cities like Taipei & Taichung are closer to the Silicon Valley of Taiwan, Hsinchu Science Park. Hsinchu Science Park is home to a lot of technology companies such as TSMC, Foxconn, Asus, and Acer, and hires top tech talent. Studying in these cities gives a higher edge to students for job opportunities. Taiwan has also started using its high-tech industrial foundation for the development of AI technology. Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Amazon have set up their big AI’s R&D Centres in Taiwan.

To summarize, before making a choice for Right University to Study in Taiwan, consider the following factors-

QS Rankings with Local Rankings
Taiwanese Universities offering the course of your choice
Scholarships offered by the Taiwanese University & Government
Location of your University
These factors help you zero-down to an appropriate choice of University to study in Taiwan!

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