A Study Plan or Research Proposal is a detailed write-up explaining what you will be studying & why. Study Plan is one of the most important factors considered by the admission committee in Taiwanese Universities. This document helps you bag scholarships or courses you are applying for, so it is imperative to write an impactful study plan.

Including the following points in your Study Plan makes it more impactful-

Introduction to your academic background

Why do you choose to study in Taiwan followed by why specifically in the applied Taiwanese University

Why do you wish to study in the applied course

Detailed Study Plan – Timeline explaining your objectives & Research Proposal

Plans post-graduation


Let’s dive deeper into each of the points.

Introduction to your academic background
Try giving a brief about your academic experience & highlight your educational goals. We recommend you to connect your theoretical & practical knowledge with the choice of your research or further study. It can include you mentioning some academic papers or projects you have worked on highlighting your interest in the applied field.

Why do you choose to study in Taiwan, precisely why did you choose that particular Taiwanese University
Do your in-depth research on the Taiwanese University you apply. Also, research about the professors you would be assisting during your study. Try to personalize your response & explain why you are the best fit for the seat in the applied University.

Highlight your scholastic achievements & try connecting it with the University’s values. This can also mean showcasing your all-round participation in not just academics but also extra-curricular activities or volunteering, which gives you an added benefit as compared to other applications.

Why do you wish to study in the applied course
Apart from highlighting your interest in the applied course by connecting with your previous professional or educational experience, try to mention why you are keen on researching it.

Detailed Study Plan – Timeline explaining your objectives & Research Proposal
Being the most crucial part of the Study Plan, concentrating more on it & explaining it in detail should be the focus point.

Your Research Proposal should necessarily consist of the following points.

Narrow your research topic – keep it specific.
Give a proper title to your Research Proposal.
Write an abstract for your Research Proposal.
Include literature descriptions supporting your research topic.
Try to point out specific research questions.
You can also include some sub-topics related to your research flow like Research Methodology, Study Steps & Expected results, etc.
Include references properly, preferably in ACS format. Refer – https://pubs.acs.org/doi/pdf/10.1021/bk-2006-STYG.ch014
We recommend you focus more on this part more & provide a basic idea of your research execution with a timeline. Writing in-depth Research Proposal shows the right enthusiasm & dedication for the course.

Plan Post-Study
The scholarship board wouldn’t just want to hear about your ambitions. They want to know that you have a strategy to fulfill them. Move one by one through your goals to help the panel see you’re confident.

Including this in your Study Plan just shows how aligned you are with your research topic & how exactly do you plan to move forward. You need not have everything planned in detail, but showing some clarity does give you a brownie point.

In the end, just reinforce why you want to practice the selected program, and reiterate why achieving your goals is significant. Say a few words about how the scholarship will help you reach your objectives, too.

In conclusion, your Study Plan should communicate your idea or motivation of the research study on point to make it impactful. Ideally, your Study Plan should be about 800 to 1000 words long.

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