Studying or having a career in a country other than your home country is always an exciting and adventurous ball game wherein you not only meet new people but learn a lot about different cultures, faiths and values. It is truly an enriching experience, which not only nurtures you as a learner but also as a human being. Exposing yourself to different cultures is a challenge in itself because no amount of bookish reading in this area can truly explain what it is like to interact with people from a culture different than yours and how to truly gel with them, and make new friends. It is an intuitive experience that stays with you for life and even shapes you for the better.

Similar to education institutions in many other countries, Taiwanese universities welcome international students from the world over. Their education system is designed in such a way that local students and international students alike pay the same amount of fees for the same course. Moreover, there are great international student scholarships that attracts students from across the world to get access to quality education at an affordable cost. Most of the well-known Taiwanese universities have a high number of international student population and that that has immensely contributed to Taiwanese multi-cultural environment both on and off campus.

Thus, when you reach your university or college in Taiwan, you’ll not be surprised to see students from a variety of countries such as USA, UK, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, China, and Japan among others. Choosing to be a part of such a diversified culture not only boosts your academic growth but also your holistic growth as a person and a professional in your field. In the process of becoming a part of the larger group and the desire to do well in another country, you tend to face different situations and learn how to manage them, thus allowing yourself to grow and mature.

Eventually, you find that your overall skillsets of how to successfully deal with people from different cultures, learn their language to speak with them fluently and understanding non-communicated gestures, and even liking their food and sharing your favorites with them has made you a global citizen with an open mind that is capable of thinking from a variety of different angles. Such a mindset has the potential to outcompete traditional talent without the same exposure during job interviews especially when you are applying for your dream job in a company that accepts people from different countries and those who speak different languages. Exposure to multi-culturalism especially during your study years not only allows you to have an edge in a competitive world but also fosters your overall growth and makes you think from different perspectives, thus making you a preferred candidate in your career or any of your aspirations.

Studying in Taiwan has the potential to make you such a global citizen, thanks to their diversified culture and an all-embracing nature. So, please feel free to explore Taiwan as your study abroad destination and feel free to write to us to know more (